The importance of quality shirts (and cheap)

September 8th, 2014 | xoxomela

As part of the basic research, many of us find THE white shirt. The latter, devoid of artifice, can not rely on the quality of the fabric, cut and finishes to fit a quality look. However, investing $ 100 in a men’s shirt is not within the reach of everyone.

It is in this light that I tested for you the brand Natty .

On the site of the brand and physics with two stores in Paris, the company is clearly Customer Workers conscious look in suits. The result is a range of shirts, ties, cufflinks, scarves, belts, leggings and socks even if you dress … surprise you be tempted to walk out the door with a costume for only clothes.

Note that the range is broken down into blouses so that your lady is the trip to the store as interesting as you.

So about their products, what to say?

First surprise: Natty correctly identified the importance of the white shirt, and no less than 25 variations that are available! Classic handles or musketeers, poplin fabric, Oxford, Twill, etc …, classical or Italian collar are all possible settings to choose who will be THE shirt. And I’m not talking about white collar shirts and cuffs fancy patterns … First good point then.

Second surprise: the quality of the fabric. Thin but not transparent, it takes light very well and is remarkably homogeneous. Thirty washing machine has absolutely not affected the quality and the cup does not stretch.

A very good fitting (taken myself)

Favorable third point: the cut. For a long time I was looking for an affordable brand with a slim fit and Avoiding the Gogo Dancing. I am well pleased with Opalona. All shirts are made with the same pattern, so that the cut of my 4 shirts is exactly the same. Practice to control the net. To note, a size guide is available on their site to get it right.

Cuffs that fall well, well defined shoulders and cuts well profiled are all good indicators, and at that price, it becomes impressive.

And yes, since to complete the positive picture, the Natty custom mens dress shirts are sold from 29.99 $ for a shirt white man, 49 $ for the most original models (eccentric?). At that price, it is clearly interesting, since tu rates Zara, Mango, Celio, etc … With a much higher quality. Anecdotally, Geoffrey and Benoit were surprised speechless when I told them the price of the shirt!

For cons, I draw attention to the fact that all the colored models are not in good taste. Some are very friendly and will help you refine some reminders of colors, but others are clearly surprising choice.

Example: A nice exterior model … But simply unusable collar and cuffs:

Need I say more? Their shop metro Saint-Georges is well organized, you try unfolded models and then choose your model blister (casually, the shirt is completely new like that), vendors are nice and good advice, and there is a is typical for x shirts purchased, a given.

So what are you waiting?