Ankle boots for men: a guide

September 30th, 2014 | xoxomela

In this article, we will focus on the boots (boots and boots) for men.

If shoes cities are obviously a master of menswear piece, they should not forget that the boots have a very interesting alternative, with the character that they allow to bring to your look.

So what are the different types of boots, how (good) to choose from, and most importantly, how to properly wear?

The different types of boots

There are several families of boots.

Let’s see the options available to you:



Combat boots



What boots to wear to a formal / dressy style

It is entirely possible to wear boots with a formal dress (it even works well).

The boots arise in perfect alternative to classic oxfords and derbies , while giving a touch rebellious hair for a classic outfit with a twist.

You can opt for a particular pair of chelsea or jodhpur: then you get a simple result and less formal than shoes with laces.

It’s a good idea to wear them with a suit, because they will contrast with the formality of the garment.



And if you want to keep the formal side of the shoe laces, balmoral boots also work well with a suit or a formal dress. According to the shoe inserts, and how is made the sole, the aesthetics of the shoe may be more or less gross – and above all, more or less extravagant (it will still be able to assume).

And in general, you can afford fantasies about the details:

  • inserts decorated with perforations
  • soles a little more impressive,
  • a larger stitched,
  • a patina just wanted …

What boots for workwear / casual and rough style?

The boots are shoes of character, and are ideal for a style wanting to be more manly and rough.

Their diversity – in height, color and style – allow many things.

Street style to the neo-lumberjack style, there is something for everyone.

















As these pictures illustrate well, good boots worn over trousers rolled tend to lengthen and streamline and make you look taller.

Most importantly, they can bring a lot of character to your outfit.

Good basic easy brown boots on a good manly denim - and above, a t-shirt or mesh if the weather permits.

How to spot quality boots?

In addition to the overall style of the shoe (and the fact that you like it), one of the most important points to check: the quality of leather.

  • Remember that there are several types of leather: the cordovan – another name for horse leather – or calf (for fine grain) are the most interesting, then comes the leather. Be avoided by against the calfskin, too soft for boots.
  • If you find, preferably much more robust full-grain leather and breathable than leather of lower quality, such as split leather
  • Quality leather will not give the impression of “take off” if you bend a little tip of the boot to test (see our explanations in our article on dress shoes )

The price of a pair of boots rarely dropping below € 200, it will be a shame to buy a pair of poor quality. At that price, they should be able to last you for years, so take the time to seek, and will not buy the first pair came

(And remember that price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, so be attentive to details)

It will also be attentive to the quality manufacturing and finishing boots:

  • How is the sole sewn? goodyear A sewn , it will be the minimum – and sewn Norwegian, even better (it has also been invented to ensure robustness and sealing boots exposed to snow)

Also point to watch: the sole.

If a city leather sole will be sufficient (to be protected by the installation of a skate and iron), we can consider quite soles more suitable weather and will have a better grip on the ground. The rubber soles are then all set.

Shoe sole

commando sole

The Ridgeway sole

Some good brands of boots for men

We conclude our article with a selection of well known for the quality of their boots and shoes brands.

In ascending order of price:

  • Seventh Width
  • Red Wing
  • Wolverine 1000
  • Carmina
  • J.Fitzpatrick footwear
  • Crockett & Jones
  • Alden
  • Saint Crispin

You understand that the most important point in choosing this type of shoes is the direction you want your style.

Made for an elegant, chic, we will turn to the rather thin pieces, clean, which will give more and elegant look to your figure.

However, if you want to refer you to a casual style you prefer massive raw manly shoes, which will give a surplus of manliness to your ensemble.

Design A Custom Dress Shirt Online

September 24th, 2014 | xoxomela

The importance of quality shirts (and cheap)

September 8th, 2014 | xoxomela

As part of the basic research, many of us find THE white shirt. The latter, devoid of artifice, can not rely on the quality of the fabric, cut and finishes to fit a quality look. However, investing $ 100 in a men’s shirt is not within the reach of everyone.

It is in this light that I tested for you the brand Natty .

On the site of the brand and physics with two stores in Paris, the company is clearly Customer Workers conscious look in suits. The result is a range of shirts, ties, cufflinks, scarves, belts, leggings and socks even if you dress … surprise you be tempted to walk out the door with a costume for only clothes.

Note that the range is broken down into blouses so that your lady is the trip to the store as interesting as you.

So about their products, what to say?

First surprise: Natty correctly identified the importance of the white shirt, and no less than 25 variations that are available! Classic handles or musketeers, poplin fabric, Oxford, Twill, etc …, classical or Italian collar are all possible settings to choose who will be THE shirt. And I’m not talking about white collar shirts and cuffs fancy patterns … First good point then.

Second surprise: the quality of the fabric. Thin but not transparent, it takes light very well and is remarkably homogeneous. Thirty washing machine has absolutely not affected the quality and the cup does not stretch.

A very good fitting (taken myself)

Favorable third point: the cut. For a long time I was looking for an affordable brand with a slim fit and Avoiding the Gogo Dancing. I am well pleased with Opalona. All shirts are made with the same pattern, so that the cut of my 4 shirts is exactly the same. Practice to control the net. To note, a size guide is available on their site to get it right.

Cuffs that fall well, well defined shoulders and cuts well profiled are all good indicators, and at that price, it becomes impressive.

And yes, since to complete the positive picture, the custom dress shirts online cheap are sold from 29.99 $ for a shirt white man, 49 $ for the most original models (eccentric?). At that price, it is clearly interesting, since tu rates Zara, Mango, Celio, etc … With a much higher quality. Anecdotally, Geoffrey and Benoit were surprised speechless when I told them the price of the shirt!

For cons, I draw attention to the fact that all the colored models are not in good taste. Some are very friendly and will help you refine some reminders of colors, but others are clearly surprising choice.

Example: A nice exterior model … But simply unusable collar and cuffs:

Need I say more? Their shop metro Saint-Georges is well organized, you try unfolded models and then choose your model blister (casually, the shirt is completely new like that), vendors are nice and good advice, and there is a is typical for x shirts purchased, a given.

So what are you waiting?