This is the third article in the series on the boots when we finally address the real man boots cutting timber or raise goats: the work boots / combat boots.

Combat boots or work boots? It’s a bit of a geek distinction textiles and the term most commonly used at this time is more fighting boots in France.

We will quickly see the origins of this room, then style advice (with lots of workwear porn or porn Americana). I also chose to tell you about Red Wing is a brand you already know but, skilfully out of the game with a few simple models and reference.

I mention other iconic models and other cheap brands in the guide boots and boots.

Combat boots: the origins

Wear shoes seems common today. Yet for the majority of the world population throughout history, they were only worn during batailles.C’est from ancient times we thought the best way to connect the sole and the upper .dropoff window This highlights its importance for example during the War of Independence in which the cavalry is equipped inappropriately combat cowboy boots.

During the Second World War, more soldiers were neutralized because of frozen feet in the mud of the trenches, that because of the German soldiers.

To prevent mud to go, so we used a leather upper gradually (for sealing) and a loop (to close the shoe).

Two requirements remain: ensuring adherence to the ground and stability (including protecting the ankle).
Two technical responses: studded rubber soles to walk even in the most slippery mud, with a before-steel reinforcement (an end-hull) to ensure stability.

And, of course, a rising rod to hold the ankle more efficiently.
These concepts are characteristic of combat boots, but reinterpreted for civil uses, recreation, such as hiking, hunting or fishing.

In the selection I propose, I tried to offer you a fair compromise between comfort and aesthetics. Some pairs of purists are essential from the point of view comfort, quality and durability but have really made plain that it would be too difficult to meet in town.

A versatile

If these boots were the basis provided for heavy work and neglecting the aesthetic aspect, we can now aim for a balance between appearance and durability.
Despite a raw simplicity, the legacy brands manage increasingly inserting thoughtful touches of sophistication in their creation.

If fill nearly the same role in winter as canvas sneakers just relaxed, we can also match a little more dressed context see even more appropriate in particular costume.C’est with boots flower pieces, as Grenson model that combines the texture of brogues and Vibram soles.

what to wear with combat boots


If the Vibram sole is very appropriate in a formal context, these boots are durable enough to be resembles with classic leather sole, thinner.

combat boots

How to wear a pair of combat boots?

The wedding boots and trousers

While wearing combat boots, it requires above all a successful stacking: that is how the jeans or pants made folds when we get it in the boot.

You will not ever find against a jeans which has a perfected at any range shoe, it does not exist.

Rather it is a somewhat complicated combination that works mainly by couple. The following rules will guide you in this concept a little foggy, but you will need to make for yourself a few adjustments and probably go see a retoucher for ultimate display performance.

The best thing to do is to go and see with pants and pair of shoes you plan to mostly with then do with him how to tighten the opening at the ankle until the desired rendering.

More generally, an opening at the ankle works well with combat boots, thick and impressive is the 19-21. The explanation is simple: if you take closer you seem to have some matches instead of the legs and if you take larger, you can not return the jeans into the boots.

Then you have to make a case by case depending on the model boots (their finesse, the opening can be wide or tight) and also your size (if you are doing 44-45, it will be necessarily more towards opening to the ankle at least 19 to 20 cm it will direct you.

Here are some fine examples of fallen:



Returned with jeans, but not specifically enhances the tab:


With chinos:




And size?

Wear combat boots, it’s also a question of size. The most manly of them have such a loop that necessarily involve returning the jeans into the boot If you are small, you have to be vigilant about the cut of the jeans so that it does not a shapeless heap.

This is against a godsend if you are tall and thin as combat boots easily counteraction volume down to balance your figure
A brand: Red Wing

Red Wing is a trademark of Minnesota of the eponymous town founded in 1905 by Charles Beckmannn. The brand is aimed at the base of the miners, farmers and loggers.

It will admirably maintain expertise and a century-old equipment cohabiting consistently with newer machines.

The brand vision is exemplary in the ready to wear: growth in sales primarily allows it to reinvest in the quality of its stores and its products, not in quantity and revenue growth of case.

The brand works since its inception with a tannery: SB Foot Tannery, bought in 1987 by Red Wing. It is probably the largest tannery in the United States to the complement integrated production: we cowhides at the entrance and at the exit of the leather.

2004 Red Wing Lifestyle creates a line that capitalizes on the core brand’s flagship business and its products. Later renamed Legacy, it finds its widest market in Japan where people are fond of these garments steeped in history.

This line has also strangely the most difficult to sell in the US, due to greater sensitivity to a higher price than the Japanese population. Nevertheless, a trend that tends to be reversed through the attraction of Made in USA.

This brand is also very representative of the shoe phenomenon porn and porn work wear seen increasingly on social networks, and pinterest tumblr in mind, and that is very popular with the Asian audience (after the US, the countries with the FB fans of the brand is actually Taiwan.) The Americana and vintage models are particularly emphasized.

Bloggers like Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, also contributed to this return to the front of the stage (unlikely for a guy who photographed 90% of guys with cross blazers with gold buttons and pockets).

Some iconic models of combat boots

Here are some features of the models Legacy Online

The Iron Ranger

These boots were worn by miners in Minnesota in the early 20th century. Their job was dangerous and painful and extra protection was needed, which is why the heel and toe of the shoe enjoyed a double layer of leather. He was also carefully waxed and oiled in order to be completely waterproof.

7 8 9 10

Maine Online

The hand sewn Maine line in a lighter leather, often Moc Toe (with a square toe and highly visible seams). These can be worn in spring and summer with thin wool socks. They are mainly sold in counters Japanese shops a little sharp, like Beams and United Arrows.

11 12



Red Wing carefully chooses his collaborations, not to dilute its brand history

The Munson boots, with Nigel Cabourn
Christmas Greetings
Nigel Cabourn buys boots Munson (named after the inventor of the form, Edward Munson) worn by soldiers during the 1st World War. Leather is impeccably greased and oiled to ensure maximum waterproofing.

Was a thick and two hyper sewn soles, to leather and other rubber.

Finally, the inner lining is Harris Tweed. Unfortunately, this wonderful collaboration dates back to 2012

13 14 15 16 17

Epilogue: boots that last a lifetime

If we are dealing with simple cowhide and Nnon not cordovan leather from Horween, boots in Red Wing remain the test of time: a pair can be resemellée March-July time. The transaction costs in Red Wing $ 95, and less than a hundred euros for a classic cobbler in France and is at worst every 3 years (unless you have a really intensive use of your boots). In short, a damn good investment and a second youth you enjoy necessarily after each resemelage (it’s like buying a new pair but with the comfort of a pair already formed).


19 20 21 22 23

Combat boots have become much more commonplace among military organizations worldwide. The first soldiers that were issued them were the foot soldiers of Assyria wore boots nail caligae calls.

Soldiers in the English Civil War 3 sets of these special shoes were issued and after each gear change to ensure that everyone is born evenly. Instead of laces they had buckles that were used by most armies during that time period.

The Napoleonic Wars saw the first set of lace up combat boots and were issued to replace buckled shoes more. The first Americans were issued lace up ankle boots. However, these did not have right or left shoe. They were thought to themselves rather form around the feet of the soldiers. These boots were uncomfortable and cause a lot of blisters.

The official game of the US Next boots occurred during World War II. They were part of the set M-1943 uniform. With this number the Americans were back to double buckle, which would remain until 1948. During the Vietnam War the US He went back to lace ups made specifically for jungle warfare.

Current US combat boots are available in two different styles. The first is a boot temperate 2.5 pounds and the second is 2 pounds a hot climate. Manufacturers current US combat boots include Altama, Bates, Belleville Shoe, McRae, Rocky, Warson, Converse and Wellco. All branches of the military use as raw outside except the Air Force uses a suede green foliage.

In recent history combat boots have discovered a new genre of people looking to buy outside the military. With the invasion of goth, punk, and industrial, children have become much more than a head accessory. They have become a fashion statement for a large part of the population of American youth.

Many people who opt for fashion combat boots wants the real thing, which creates an authentic vintage look and feel. As a result, you can buy almost any military surplus store or online at several different stores.

Beyond fashion, some people use them simply because they are very durable and long lasting. They can be worn for long periods of time in any condition which makes them ideal for many industries, even outside the military.

Fashion is a term that is decided by the people today. They are the rulers of this and carry it becomes a trend. That is the aviator glasses or built tough jeans, all kinds of clothing or accessory becomes a fashion statement after repeated use and therefore this defines today’s fashion. Similarly this is also given in terms of footwear. Speaking of combat boots are available on today’s date in terms of fashion, then we would see different reactions of the people around us.

Some would say yes, they are still a part of my wardrobe, but some just would turn around and say that they do not even know about combat boots. However, these boots were not out of fashion, that is the reality. Over time, these boots have regained recognition and are making their way back to the life of the common man. Most people go ahead and use them in daily and also a part of your wardrobe.

Combat boots are those that are designed in the harshest and toughest conditions. They are waterproof and help keep feet warm and healthy. These boots have numerous benefits, but the biggest benefit that you can enjoy extreme winters where temperatures are below 0 degrees is where these boots help keep the heat in the feet. Most trends today wear these boots with dresses and more often with jeans and creates a unique style. It looks really cool and sexy at the same time.

These boots come in a variety of styles and designs, but the black is the one who is loved by many. Convenience is another factor that these boots are famous. Most women like to wear high heels, but also have the fear of having ankle pain once you remove them after the day. But in the case of combat boots, one must not fear at all. They offer greater comfort while providing that sense of fluffy.

Looking pocket is also a major concern for most people. These boots are reasonably priced compared to designer boots. So don has to get delivered to any kind of frustration by making it to the boot of choice. These boots are most often loved by the military because they are similar in design and style compared to the type of military boots.


The mix of leggings and boots can shape both casual looks or tend towards the more chic. In this post you can meet with some proposals with which you will succeed safe in any situation.

The leggings is a comfortable garment that is used in both summer and winter and offers thousands of possibilities. They can be more or less thick, textured, smooth, embossed, leather … and combine with oversize sweaters, skirts, blazers or cardigans in a thousand different ways. As for footwear, we have seen with moccasins, sports, slippers and many others, but today we turn to analyze how to mix with the boots, the best way of keeping dry and warm in this cold season, so you get succeed anywhere

They can surgirte doubts about what is the best way to wear leggings with boots. Girls who have a tight ass and a slender legs do not mind putting them with whatever they want, but we have some small defects we prefer to hide, there are also possibilities for the most chic leggings to help us get a casual attire as end or.

Depending on the pattern and texture combinations vary, of course, especially considering all the possible ways, as well Calzedonia catalog shows this season , but looks ranging from the simple to the more daring. The high boots with thin heels platform or get lengthen the silhouette, especially if they are the same color as leggings, and are ideal for finer situations, while half-round and boots tend to shorten and also feel good to those with legs somewhat thicker. Do not miss the following proposals.

Smooth Leggins

Are the easiest to combine that pose no risk too extreme. We sleek black leggings lifetime, seeing no opposition boots or long, or color, or shape. Now, come here, to select the boots then we must consider the colors you have on the top, either the jersey, the mini dress or blouse. One possibility is to match the tone of the boots with it, that does not break the harmony and always looks good. But if you like to venture a little, you can opt to choose a tone of boots that is not in your wardrobe and would coordinate with your coat, or with your purse. Or, at least, falls within the range you have chosen. The balance thus remains without inconvenience. If you are looking for a less casual outfit up your mind, yes, for some with heels.

If leggings are colorful, ideally choose combinable and basic colors like gray, which is also ideal for wear with almost any item you can think of.

Denim leggings with what’s been kept shoes with heels that stylized silhouette, but also go great with military-style boots or jackets, for example. Or with Mongolia, lined with pelito to thank both our feet.

Leather leggings are the bravest and the best combination boots are black, regardless of height, but better if they are to heel. With this mix you get a more rebellious look so trendy this season.

Leggins prints

These are the most dangerous because, well, depending on the pattern you selected in place of estilizarnos, can get the opposite effect. On the other hand, the print leggings must balance the top and, of course, with the boot select, and to seek fights is better to opt for solid colors in shoes, like black or brown. The alternatives in the catalog of Victoria’s Secret for this season are fabulous , all geared to the most casual style, with flat boots.

In summary, the blends are varied, but the height of the boots is not so dependent leggings you wear and the type of shoes that you feel best to you. You’ll see, be bold and experiment, the result is fabulous.

In this article, we will focus on the boots (boots and boots) for men.

If shoes cities are obviously a master of menswear piece, they should not forget that the boots have a very interesting alternative, with the character that they allow to bring to your look.

So what are the different types of boots, how (good) to choose from, and most importantly, how to properly wear?

The different types of boots

There are several families of boots.

Let’s see the options available to you:



Combat boots



What boots to wear to a formal / dressy style

It is entirely possible to wear boots with a formal dress (it even works well).

The boots arise in perfect alternative to classic oxfords and derbies , while giving a touch rebellious hair for a classic outfit with a twist.

You can opt for a particular pair of chelsea or jodhpur: then you get a simple result and less formal than shoes with laces.

It’s a good idea to wear them with a suit, because they will contrast with the formality of the garment.



And if you want to keep the formal side of the shoe laces, balmoral boots also work well with a suit or a formal dress. According to the shoe inserts, and how is made the sole, the aesthetics of the shoe may be more or less gross – and above all, more or less extravagant (it will still be able to assume).

And in general, you can afford fantasies about the details:

  • inserts decorated with perforations
  • soles a little more impressive,
  • a larger stitched,
  • a patina just wanted …

What boots for workwear / casual and rough style?

The boots are shoes of character, and are ideal for a style wanting to be more manly and rough.

Their diversity – in height, color and style – allow many things.

Street style to the neo-lumberjack style, there is something for everyone.

















As these pictures illustrate well, good boots worn over trousers rolled tend to lengthen and streamline and make you look taller.

Most importantly, they can bring a lot of character to your outfit.

Good basic easy brown boots on a good manly denim - and above, a t-shirt or mesh if the weather permits.

How to spot quality boots?

In addition to the overall style of the shoe (and the fact that you like it), one of the most important points to check: the quality of leather.

  • Remember that there are several types of leather: the cordovan – another name for horse leather – or calf (for fine grain) are the most interesting, then comes the leather. Be avoided by against the calfskin, too soft for boots.
  • If you find, preferably much more robust full-grain leather and breathable than leather of lower quality, such as split leather
  • Quality leather will not give the impression of “take off” if you bend a little tip of the boot to test (see our explanations in our article on dress shoes )

The price of a pair of boots rarely dropping below € 200, it will be a shame to buy a pair of poor quality. At that price, they should be able to last you for years, so take the time to seek, and will not buy the first pair came

(And remember that price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, so be attentive to details)

It will also be attentive to the quality manufacturing and finishing boots:

  • How is the sole sewn? goodyear A sewn , it will be the minimum – and sewn Norwegian, even better (it has also been invented to ensure robustness and sealing boots exposed to snow)

Also point to watch: the sole.

If a city leather sole will be sufficient (to be protected by the installation of a skate and iron), we can consider quite soles more suitable weather and will have a better grip on the ground. The rubber soles are then all set.

Shoe sole

commando sole

The Ridgeway sole

Some good brands of boots for men

We conclude our article with a selection of well known for the quality of their boots and shoes brands.

In ascending order of price:

  • Seventh Width
  • Red Wing
  • Wolverine 1000
  • Carmina
  • J.Fitzpatrick footwear
  • Crockett & Jones
  • Alden
  • Saint Crispin

You understand that the most important point in choosing this type of shoes is the direction you want your style.

Made for an elegant, chic, we will turn to the rather thin pieces, clean, which will give more and elegant look to your figure.

However, if you want to refer you to a casual style you prefer massive raw manly shoes, which will give a surplus of manliness to your ensemble.

As part of the basic research, many of us find THE white shirt. The latter, devoid of artifice, can not rely on the quality of the fabric, cut and finishes to fit a quality look. However, investing $ 100 in a men’s shirt is not within the reach of everyone.

It is in this light that I tested for you the brand Natty .

On the site of the brand and physics with two stores in Paris, the company is clearly Customer Workers conscious look in suits. The result is a range of shirts, ties, cufflinks, scarves, belts, leggings and socks even if you dress … surprise you be tempted to walk out the door with a costume for only clothes.

Note that the range is broken down into blouses so that your lady is the trip to the store as interesting as you.

So about their products, what to say?

First surprise: Natty correctly identified the importance of the white shirt, and no less than 25 variations that are available! Classic handles or musketeers, poplin fabric, Oxford, Twill, etc …, classical or Italian collar are all possible settings to choose who will be THE shirt. And I’m not talking about white collar shirts and cuffs fancy patterns … First good point then.

Second surprise: the quality of the fabric. Thin but not transparent, it takes light very well and is remarkably homogeneous. Thirty washing machine has absolutely not affected the quality and the cup does not stretch.

A very good fitting (taken myself)

Favorable third point: the cut. For a long time I was looking for an affordable brand with a slim fit and Avoiding the Gogo Dancing. I am well pleased with Opalona. All shirts are made with the same pattern, so that the cut of my 4 shirts is exactly the same. Practice to control the net. To note, a size guide is available on their site to get it right.

Cuffs that fall well, well defined shoulders and cuts well profiled are all good indicators, and at that price, it becomes impressive.

And yes, since to complete the positive picture, the custom dress shirts online cheap are sold from 29.99 $ for a shirt white man, 49 $ for the most original models (eccentric?). At that price, it is clearly interesting, since tu rates Zara, Mango, Celio, etc … With a much higher quality. Anecdotally, Geoffrey and Benoit were surprised speechless when I told them the price of the shirt!

For cons, I draw attention to the fact that all the colored models are not in good taste. Some are very friendly and will help you refine some reminders of colors, but others are clearly surprising choice.

Example: A nice exterior model … But simply unusable collar and cuffs:

Need I say more? Their shop metro Saint-Georges is well organized, you try unfolded models and then choose your model blister (casually, the shirt is completely new like that), vendors are nice and good advice, and there is a is typical for x shirts purchased, a given.

So what are you waiting?