This is the third article in the series on the boots when we finally address the real man boots cutting timber or raise goats: the work boots / combat boots.

Combat boots or work boots? It’s a bit of a geek distinction textiles and the term most commonly used at this time is more fighting boots in France.

We will quickly see the origins of this room, then style advice (with lots of workwear porn or porn Americana). I also chose to tell you about Red Wing is a brand you already know but, skilfully out of the game with a few simple models and reference.

I mention other iconic models and other cheap brands in the guide boots and boots.

Combat boots: the origins

Wear shoes seems common today. Yet for the majority of the world population throughout history, they were only worn during batailles.C’est from ancient times we thought the best way to connect the sole and the upper .dropoff window This highlights its importance for example during the War of Independence in which the cavalry is equipped inappropriately combat cowboy boots.

During the Second World War, more soldiers were neutralized because of frozen feet in the mud of the trenches, that because of the German soldiers.

To prevent mud to go, so we used a leather upper gradually (for sealing) and a loop (to close the shoe).

Two requirements remain: ensuring adherence to the ground and stability (including protecting the ankle).
Two technical responses: studded rubber soles to walk even in the most slippery mud, with a before-steel reinforcement (an end-hull) to ensure stability.

And, of course, a rising rod to hold the ankle more efficiently.
These concepts are characteristic of combat boots, but reinterpreted for civil uses, recreation, such as hiking, hunting or fishing.

In the selection I propose, I tried to offer you a fair compromise between comfort and aesthetics. Some pairs of purists are essential from the point of view comfort, quality and durability but have really made plain that it would be too difficult to meet in town.

A versatile

If these boots were the basis provided for heavy work and neglecting the aesthetic aspect, we can now aim for a balance between appearance and durability.
Despite a raw simplicity, the legacy brands manage increasingly inserting thoughtful touches of sophistication in their creation.

If fill nearly the same role in winter as canvas sneakers just relaxed, we can also match a little more dressed context see even more appropriate in particular costume.C’est with boots flower pieces, as Grenson model that combines the texture of brogues and Vibram soles.

what to wear with combat boots


If the Vibram sole is very appropriate in a formal context, these boots are durable enough to be resembles with classic leather sole, thinner.

combat boots

How to wear a pair of combat boots?

The wedding boots and trousers

While wearing combat boots, it requires above all a successful stacking: that is how the jeans or pants made folds when we get it in the boot.

You will not ever find against a jeans which has a perfected at any range shoe, it does not exist.

Rather it is a somewhat complicated combination that works mainly by couple. The following rules will guide you in this concept a little foggy, but you will need to make for yourself a few adjustments and probably go see a retoucher for ultimate display performance.

The best thing to do is to go and see with pants and pair of shoes you plan to mostly with then do with him how to tighten the opening at the ankle until the desired rendering.

More generally, an opening at the ankle works well with combat boots, thick and impressive is the 19-21. The explanation is simple: if you take closer you seem to have some matches instead of the legs and if you take larger, you can not return the jeans into the boots.

Then you have to make a case by case depending on the model boots (their finesse, the opening can be wide or tight) and also your size (if you are doing 44-45, it will be necessarily more towards opening to the ankle at least 19 to 20 cm it will direct you.

Here are some fine examples of fallen:



Returned with jeans, but not specifically enhances the tab:


With chinos:




And size?

Wear combat boots, it’s also a question of size. The most manly of them have such a loop that necessarily involve returning the jeans into the boot If you are small, you have to be vigilant about the cut of the jeans so that it does not a shapeless heap.

This is against a godsend if you are tall and thin as combat boots easily counteraction volume down to balance your figure
A brand: Red Wing

Red Wing is a trademark of Minnesota of the eponymous town founded in 1905 by Charles Beckmannn. The brand is aimed at the base of the miners, farmers and loggers.

It will admirably maintain expertise and a century-old equipment cohabiting consistently with newer machines.

The brand vision is exemplary in the ready to wear: growth in sales primarily allows it to reinvest in the quality of its stores and its products, not in quantity and revenue growth of case.

The brand works since its inception with a tannery: SB Foot Tannery, bought in 1987 by Red Wing. It is probably the largest tannery in the United States to the complement integrated production: we cowhides at the entrance and at the exit of the leather.

2004 Red Wing Lifestyle creates a line that capitalizes on the core brand’s flagship business and its products. Later renamed Legacy, it finds its widest market in Japan where people are fond of these garments steeped in history.

This line has also strangely the most difficult to sell in the US, due to greater sensitivity to a higher price than the Japanese population. Nevertheless, a trend that tends to be reversed through the attraction of Made in USA.

This brand is also very representative of the shoe phenomenon porn and porn work wear seen increasingly on social networks, and pinterest tumblr in mind, and that is very popular with the Asian audience (after the US, the countries with the FB fans of the brand is actually Taiwan.) The Americana and vintage models are particularly emphasized.

Bloggers like Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, also contributed to this return to the front of the stage (unlikely for a guy who photographed 90% of guys with cross blazers with gold buttons and pockets).

Some iconic models of combat boots

Here are some features of the models Legacy Online

The Iron Ranger

These boots were worn by miners in Minnesota in the early 20th century. Their job was dangerous and painful and extra protection was needed, which is why the heel and toe of the shoe enjoyed a double layer of leather. He was also carefully waxed and oiled in order to be completely waterproof.

7 8 9 10

Maine Online

The hand sewn Maine line in a lighter leather, often Moc Toe (with a square toe and highly visible seams). These can be worn in spring and summer with thin wool socks. They are mainly sold in counters Japanese shops a little sharp, like Beams and United Arrows.

11 12



Red Wing carefully chooses his collaborations, not to dilute its brand history

The Munson boots, with Nigel Cabourn
Christmas Greetings
Nigel Cabourn buys boots Munson (named after the inventor of the form, Edward Munson) worn by soldiers during the 1st World War. Leather is impeccably greased and oiled to ensure maximum waterproofing.

Was a thick and two hyper sewn soles, to leather and other rubber.

Finally, the inner lining is Harris Tweed. Unfortunately, this wonderful collaboration dates back to 2012

13 14 15 16 17

Epilogue: boots that last a lifetime

If we are dealing with simple cowhide and Nnon not cordovan leather from Horween, boots in Red Wing remain the test of time: a pair can be resemellée March-July time. The transaction costs in Red Wing $ 95, and less than a hundred euros for a classic cobbler in France and is at worst every 3 years (unless you have a really intensive use of your boots). In short, a damn good investment and a second youth you enjoy necessarily after each resemelage (it’s like buying a new pair but with the comfort of a pair already formed).


19 20 21 22 23


The little black dress or black short dress is one of the items that tooodos say that every woman should have in her closet, why? Because you can use as the basis of an outfit or as the centerpiece of one, you can adapt to trends or be in the most classic way you can think of, and also because even though you use it a thousand times it may seem that long You’re premiering if you combine in different ways.

I also find that the short black dress is a timeless piece, yet timeless, especially if is smooth and has no appliqués, I consider it a possibility no matter the season, you can use it in spring-summer and autumn-winter , the key is in how you put it. I’ll share some tips on how to wear a little black dress that have helped me on several occasions, imagine if all these outfits were wearing the same dress, would be different every time!

 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 RBK090113_066 RBK090113_066 14


The season in which we are completely full of parties and social commitments everywhere, many different outfits can be stressful, find the perfect dress for the inn of your work, or the perfect party for your friends blouse is a chore Planning understand you!


A great dilemma is that type of shoes to wear with your outfit, you may not find the one that fits perfectly, or simply do not know if bajitos wear sneakers or shoes, this is a question that many women do so themselves, ¿ will be very informal if I wear flat shoes? o shoes will endure all night? More and more girls who decide to become independent from the idea that the high shoe is the only option for a party and opt for the comfort of a ballerina or a formal shoe without heels, do you sound impossible? We have some tips to achieve equally well see you and formal in a flat shoe.

  • Choose a sober color, preferably to be black, or a shoe with applications that do look elegant, and subtle sparkles like diamonds.
  • The style-edge peak is much more formal than one round, stylized your foot and immediately makes it look elegant.
  • Do not let aside stockings, use helps to give a formal touch to any outfit.
  • The rest of your outfit should be smart enough not to need shoes, that is, if you’re wearing is informal, there is no way that a prettily shoes turn it into an outfit to party.
  • If flat not want to leave the heel, try a kitten style shoes, which are those about 2cm heel height, enough to generate noise when walking and not kill your feet in the attempt.

2 2 3 4 5 6 7


There are many styles of flat shoes that are suitable for a night out, remember that the effect of the shoe in the woman’s body is unique, and will be difficult to recreate it with some flat shoes, but that figure is not necessary to feel sexy and elegant, this depends on your attitude, not shoes you wear!



Need a comfortable wardrobe, yet stylish; Garments easy combination and it will allow movement. Here are some of them: casual pants, maxi skirts style or type A, jeans thin fabrics, a large bag (toe style) and a pair of sunglasses, aviator style the most favored types of face and make you look casual .Other chic garments are simple dresses, cardigans and blazers will also make you look more sophisticated, use them and shows that a mom can also be modern and elegant.

There are simple details you can look for a more chic mom. For example, instead of taking the kids to school with sports clothes, you can wear dark jeans with a cute white shirt buttons, comfortable ballerina type shoes and a bag of medium size. This outfit will make you look comfortable but sophisticated, you can also add some modern accessories see most glamorous: a flashy earrings, bracelets, necklaces or scarves.

Makeup is also an ally when it comes to make you look more sophisticated, my recommendation is to wear makeup with a classic (light base, loose or pressed powder, blush, mascara and eye delineated fine) style.

A nice hairstyle can also refresh your look, bet on a smooth or soft waves hair, hair curling irons and good heat shield can provide you the task of having perfect hair without going to the salon. Ponytails are also very chic and even onions or allied bum are good when your hair is not as presentable as you want; dirty and disheveled hair is forbidden for a chic mom. The important thing is that you always see sophisticated and modern.

Another very important point is to keep your hands and feet arregladitos, short and painted nails are vital to see chic. No need to use colors and bold designs, nail polish in a pastel tone is flawless and discreet and you can you apply yourself without having to get a manicure or pedicure. Even if you have no time pintartelas, you can choose to cut and file them at the same level and apply a shine to not look parched.

If you consider these details and include them in your daily outfits you’ll see as you go progressively improving your appearance and you will become a mother fulfills its responsibilities and also looks beautiful and chic at all times. Remember that the key is in the accessories, not subtract them importance.


long legs

Many women dream of having such long legs like Beyonce, Tina Turner or Giselle Bundchen, but there is a reality and is that not all genetic issues we have this body feature. However, there are some tricks you can use to make your visibly longer legs and even looking taller.

You can, for example, wear skirts above the knee, I do not mean mini skirts but if long skirts about 3-4 cms. maximum. As this garment allows you to display a fairly large area of your leg and no further accentuated mid-thigh (usually widest part of your leg), automatically gives the feeling of making it look longer. By contrast, mid-calf skirts will see your smaller than they are legs, so let him have this piece Naomi Campbell.

Another foolproof trick is to wear shoes that end in a point of the same color of your skin. Having similar to your skin tone, this shoe will make your legs look visually longer, because color matching avoids marking the separation between legs and feet.

As we move into fall, you can also use the above resource stockings. The trick is that both the stockings, and shoes are the same color as the principle is the same: to prevent the separation between legs and feet to visually lengthen this part of your body being noticed.

Pants can also help your purpose of showing your longer legs. Always choose those with straight and half court shot, the shot is more locate the waist to the hips. The Capris, baggy pants, skinny guy and leggings will make your legs look shorter, so keep this in mind when thinking about buying pants elongate your legs.

Dark colors are also your allies, because stylized figure and thus make it look longer. Use skirts and pants in colors like black, dark blue, dark gray and dark brown. Forget the big prints and loud to cover your lower extremities colors, these garments will make your legs look smaller.

Shirts may also influence make your legs look smaller. Long-shirts, those that are used to hips centimetraje you cut your legs and add it to your torso; the result is visually your legs look smaller, so this type of flannels déjaselas to Taylor Swift. For your purpose, it is best to use short shirts, a little below the waist (eye not mean you should show the navel) or you use your shirt into your pants or skirt.

The e monochrome stilo you may be promoting. If you use the same color shirts and pants or skirts, you will make your clothes look like a plain block, a resource that always lengthens the figure and therefore your legs. If you choose dark colors, the effect is even more flattering and visually your legs will gain some inches.

You see, long legs that nature gave you can compensate with style tricks that you just presented. Remember that enhances your appearance with clothes is just a matter of creativity, so make your clothing your allies.



Autumn arrives and with this rain boots. Creating your style now, we will give some tips to take your rain boots!, This season a couple of these is essential not hesitate to make a few, you will find variety of designs and amazing colors for all kinds of style.

Celebrities, actresses, athletes, models have signed this fun look, casual yet extremely comfortable, which is why every season increases more designers to offer this type of clothing including: Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Louis Vuitton; these are some major firms that have brought diversity, creativity and incredible designs to walk in the rain.

Thanks to the wide variety of rain boots on the market, we can create looks for every occasion such as shopping, strolling or even to go to work. Here are some tips to wear this kind of accessories.

  1. You can choose between two forms of boots, high boots or low.

The boot-high boots, most are adjustable, these are going to provide greater coverage of water, and this style can be combined with all kinds of garments, including dresses, shorts, skinny jeans or leggings. The Ankle Boot, creates a rocker or casual style. They will look better with clothes denim fabric or leather type. In many of these you will find various accessories such as metallic buckles, laces and various details for all kinds of style.

  1. Leave behind the concept that rain boots are on the field and combine with leather pants, blazer and lace blouses. The brightness of rubber certainly especially contrasted with velvet garments and metallic fabrics.

3.The iconic boots Hunter in olive green are the most in demand season after season, as they are very versatile and combine with many styles of clothes, for example, when combined with very feminine clothing is fabulous.

  1. Do not rule out a more formal look, the rain boots you can also combine them with a more sober style, for this, you can opt for monochrome combines your set of garments (clothing and boots) in the same range.

Finally remember that your boots in rich colors and patterns can give you a chic touch to your winter looks, however between colors, black is one of the most versatile for any occasion; you can also opt for boots with different textures, depending on how you prefer. However designers each season we propose a number of ideas on colors, details, designs and prints to protect us from the rain, but in the end how to combine them, it’s a matter of taste.



Some very common questions on topic menswear have to do with creating color combinations, textures, etc., using clothing and accessories. For this theme I chose today in Creating Your Style is like combining shoes according to the tone of his pants. If your pants are:

Black wears black shoes, tan or camel (for a more daring combination).

Gray uses cognac-colored shoes, black or camel.

Wear shoes dark brown camel or tan (prevents exactly the same color pants because it will look boring).

Used shoes in navy blue shades lighter or cognac coffee black is another option but will look a little boring.

Camel uses brown shoes.

I hope these tips will be useful.

The makeover of Helene


Helena is a young woman reader of the blog. She came to me with a desire to stylistic revival. The most important to her was to find a warm but stylish winter coat and pretty accessories. Discover the before / after!

Helena has a very slender silhouette with a marked size. I beg you, do not knock out of style comments “it has a model size” or “she has the perfect figure”. I remind you that there is no cast for my dress up, as Hélène insisted on me clarify, she enrolled in the workshop for a style rather Silhouette problem.

Helene before

So yes Helene is thin and with a marked size. But not knowing how to combine the pieces of her wardrobe she was full of good ideas and style tips for a one-day workshop in Paris. This is a usual winter outfit for Helena. The jean is a good basic but wear so black, it has little interest.


Helene after

In this first held, we play on basic wardrobe. Helen wanted to buy a raw denim jean, though it came with raw denim jeans just right. As I explain in my article “How to choose his jeans” , you do not need multiple jeans. One beautiful well cut raw denim jeans is enough. Count on a beautiful raw canvas and a timeless classic shape to not go wrong. It is better to put some jeans in a single budget (between 100 and 200 euros) rather than buying more than 50 euros.


It combines this piece to a blue blouse, perfect for winter layering. Remember to layer your clothes is a great way to keep you warm. We add over a gray cashmere sweater, a real basic! It is best to choose the round neck so you can wear it with many rooms. The round neck is well over a shirt, a Peter Pan collar, a boat neck dress, round or low-cut. It is easier to match the V-neck!


Cashmere is an essential winter. Certainly the price is a bit higher but you will keep for years because this material is very comfortable to wear next to the skin. Cashmere is more heated than wool and yet much thinner. For the figure of Helen, pull the cup must be fluid. Stop buying sweaters too close to the body that tend to thicken the silhouette and be less comfortable! It is best to opt for a slightly too large sweater.


It adds a touch of color of course! A little turquoise to enhance these basic winter colors. The camel boots come finish the look. Remember to have a pair of shoes in this color, they are very easy to associate winter with navy blue, gray, beige, chocolate, nude, black … Yes I said “very easy!”

In this second holding piece is incorporated as Helen wanted: a beautiful coat, chic but easy to wear the maroon is ideal. It’s easy to join and bring shine to all basic colors.


It can be worn on the gray cashmere, but also this beautiful navy sweater dress. Of course, Helen could also wear it with his blue shirt, her little black silk dress, a beige sweater, nude or black … The possibilities are endless! To bring some resistance to oversize sweater, nothing like the accessories! A pretty simplissime leather belt, nude Art Deco gem and voila. Of course, the little boots also agree very well with this look.


Recently, an outfit consisting of a top clear fluid and plays on transparency sleeves. As described in my article on transparent clothes , do not hesitate to play on aerial platforms when you want to bring transparency.


Very tight sleeves would not have had the same effect, which is sexy but not do too much, this is exactly what large side handles. The neck is not neckline, so we add a breastplate to bring some color to the outfit.


If you also want to have a new look at your wardrobe and full of tricks for a style makeover workshop, do not hesitate to book your day with me! All the details of the day “workshop makeover Well Dressed” are located on the overview page.



The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to leave the big game. But how not to do too much compose his outfit? Here is the recipe for a perfect look every time!


1) Select long sleeve dress

Long sleeve dresses are perfect for winter and they can also be very dressed. I’m partial to the red dress, if you want more tips on how to wear the red dress, read my article how to wear the red dress. It is perfect for wearing red you avoid the dark! It is already a good reason, but let’s face it is the color of the season. You can also opt for gray, nude, navy blue, fir green, burgundy or black! But it will cut it with other colors. It should also be feminine! Remember that if you choose short, it must be choker, if you choose knee length or long, use a low-cut dress.


Prefer a sober dress in a beautiful material, in a beautiful color, but without much detail. A nice drape, a slightly cinched waist, a nice fall, it’s been a nice outfit. Then add style with accessories. By opting for sober, you give yourself the ability to easily put this dress with others accessories in other circumstances.

2) Add a cozy touch

It’s cold outside and what better than a gentle touch for the holidays that’s the recipe for a perfect look: you have to add a touch of wool or cashmere to make the cozy look. Choose a wool cardigan, a cashmere scarf, tights twisted wool…


In order not to lose you follow my mini color guide below:

  • If you opt for a red dress, marry with nude
  • If you opt for a green dress fir, marry with anthracite gray
  • If you opt for a black dress, marry with anthracite gray
  • If you choose a burgundy dress, married with navy blue
  • If you opt for a beige dress, opt for the camel
  • If you opt for a cream or nude dress, opt for gray mottled

3) Add an offset to your outfit celebrations

The look is also not to be taken seriously … So add a touch of fun to your look! Tights like trunk eye, a cute printed a Christmas tree-shaped pouch, themed jewelry, why not!


Have fun and also do not take yourself too seriously. If you want to be more discreet, choose a sequins key. In order to properly wear them, read my article three rules would bring the glitter.

4) Leverage fully on accessories

That’s the key to look! Accessories! My favorite for the holidays, you can literally let you and wear beautiful jewelry. Add a touch of shine with crystal jewelry, or a touch of color and pearl jewelry with resin. Headbands, earrings, bangles, ring etc. Here’s how to involve:


If you wear a low-cut dress:

  • Go for a late choker necklace and a ring
  • Or, opt for a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet


If you wear a choker dress:

  • Choose a thick choker necklace and bracelet
  • Go for a fine necklace and beautiful curls


Finally, if you want to wear a headband, you can add beautiful curls and a ring.

If you have a beautiful ornament belt, link your cardigan and your dress with it and wear a short necklace or earrings and a ring.


And yes, for parties accessories can be accumulated without looking like a Christmas tree.

5) Sophisticate her makeup

Perfect makeup is also required. Bid on a splash of color on the lips, red is by far my favorite!


You can also make up your eyes with eyeliner. A touch of blush to highlight the complexion and do not forget to have a perfect manicure. To choose the right varnish, read my article about it. Are you ready for the festivities!



I came up with some ideas for this post – which should be the first of 2014 – and then let it stand a few days (almost 2 weeks since posting) decided to make a (short) balance.

First, I checked the settings for 2013 I set out earlier this year:

Pending: Use white pants. I’ll buy one and when necessary, I will use. I use an accessory hipster, I still want a tortoiseshell glasses! And most important: it is pending shave my (if the summer heat gives me courage, will soon!)

Already Fulfilled: Bring enough of rolled up pants and use props, I began my bracelet Miansai (Brand name), I’ve been since mid-year.

What to expect for 2014? This time I want to talk about what clothes have or how to carry this reflection took me a few days to think about issues of attitude, for example:

Not only save the obvious -. Buy less – (I usually buy only what I need), but also economize on style. No need to wear it. The important thing is to bring personality you have.

Be curious. Everything happens so fast and there are many sources of inspiration: websites, blogs, shops, etc, that make it even easier to get creative when dressing.


No disguise. If what is “fashionable” is not your style, then it is not. Since becoming something that is “trendy” and you work. That is up to you, you can not leave a mark or a group of people you would impose.

Feel secure. You dress the right way, is like wearing the appropriate speech for an interview. It gives you security and confidence. It is easy to add that detail your personality.

Be happy. If you made ​​the wise decision to dress well and look like a successful person, Congratulations! Some choose backpacking around the world and so are happy. Whatever your decision, try to enjoy it and be happy.


Have a great 2014!



One of the most divine goodness of fashion is that surprises us every day; do not know when the trend will become super feminine or will become too strong and character, as is the case with combat boots and military boots. A new trend despite being quite rustic, can be complemented with delicate garments and put together the best look.

The benefit of this type of boots is that in addition to match with any attire, are quite resilient and adapt to scenarios surprise like rainy days, to name some examples.

Today we’ll give you some options that will help you look this type of footwear in the best way; you can take a romantic, tender, professional or casual look and always see perfectly well.

A modern girl. Basic Tee White accompanied by a jean will help you create a relaxed and comfortable style without looking dowdy; even, you could supplement with accessories like scarves or long necklaces.


Jackets. We’ve talked before about the importance of jackets to vary the pitch of our appearance. If you choose this add to your “look Fighter”, you can choose one of prints, jean, leather or military style with many pockets. The best option to counteract big jackets is to use an adjusted basis: shirt and jeans, and accompany with accessories feminine.


. Blazer on is a gift of nature for all women who enjoy clothes that saved our lives; and that can be used with all platforms, flats, sandals, heels or combat boots and always give a chic casual look to our appearance. The blazers are perfect if you accompany it with a long shirt with flight for a touch of “delicate style”.


. This dress is about combining the better of two worlds; fully complement this look because we are joining a male element par excellence, one female. So if you select the pieces well, nothing can go wrong.


If you love shoes, you understand! You can not miss our section Fashion and find footwear and perfect complement for every occasion.